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Company and the dealer agricultural materials distribution agreement and quality bearing...

Agricultural materials distribution company with dealers signed agreements and quality pledge the company and the dealer sign agricultural materials...[In more detail]
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    Changshu agricultural production materials co., LTD., mainly engaged in chemical fertilizer、Pesticides、River of means of agricultural production,Has the self-management and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business qualifications。Founded in the early 1950 s,2004Years1Month by changshu corporation established the overall restructuring of agricultural production co., LTD,60 years,Has always been based on for agriculture、In rural areas and farmers service,Always adhere to“The good faith management,Quality guarantee for”Management policy,Resolutely resist counterfeit goods。Adhering to the“Based on agriculture、Services for farmers”Business enterprise aim,Always send in the supply of agricultural materials... [In more detail]
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    According to the changshu pesticide concentration distribution work leading group of the winning directory,Group purchasing chemicals,Focus on the good“Three level”。Strict with purchase。Actively promote efficient、Low toxicity、Low residual pesticides,Establish incoming parameter and show me,The security and stability to ensure the quality of agricultural materials,To realize the agricultural capital goods quality more than a decade of zero complaint。The pass of the service。To the broad masses of farmers consumer advocacy false ShiJia knowledge,Printed and distributed《Fertilizer、Pesticide use common sense》Brochures,Cooperate with the municipal rural send method to send technical service work。The pass of the credit。Don't sell fake and shoddy agricultural materials,Don't sell... [In more detail]
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    Greenhouse tomato、Intercropping pleurotus ostreatus

    Greenhouse tomato、Intercropping pleurotus ostreatus、Greenhouse tomato、Intercropping pleurotus ostreatus Greenhouse tomato、Intercropping pleurotus ostreatus ...[In more detail]
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